GPON OLT Management Solution
To meet the 21st century demands of customers, TELCOs are laying optical fiber in the access network to enable connectivity to the high-speed digital highway. The optical fiber medium is best suited to meet bandwidth and real-time requirements of applications such as Voice, Video and Data. The optical fibers are laid to the customer premises (FTTH), to the curb (FTTC) or to the building (FTTB). FTTx is usually delivered via Passive Optical Network (PON). PON allows carriers to deploy fiber to their customers without the need for costly repeaters thereby reducing carrier CAPEX and OPEX. ITU-T in conjunction with FSAN is driving the Gigabit-Capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology via G98x standardization documents which will enable easy inter operation between various Central Office (OLT) and Customer Premises Equipment (ONT/ONU) vendors.

OCS OLT Management Solution can support either pizza box and chassis based OLT configuration.

OCS OLT management Solution supports the following features:

  • PON Link Manegement

  • ONU Management

  • OMCI Stack

  • ONU Software Upgrade

  • Alarm Handling

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Dignostic and Remote Testing

  • Traffic Classification

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